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I came here to get away from you,
But I still hear about things that you get involved with.
Now I hear that one of my “friends” is going after you.
So should I be mad at you are at my friend?
She knows that I’m still hung up over you, but she still tries to get with you.
Some friend she is and some girl you are.
I realized that I can’t be friends with you without wanting more, but you don’t want that.
It’s so hard to move on, but I need to do it soon.
I’m tired of being involved in your drama and having my feelings hurt.
I need to focus on me and not the bullshit you keep putting me through.
But how can I do that when I was already willing to say “I love you”?

I finally get a chance to vacation,
But I can’t take a vacation from my thoughts,
Even when I’m 753 miles away from you,
I still can’t get over you
You have been my greatest obstacle this far,
I know I will get over you eventually,
But I guess that won’t happen soon enough,
You held me up from moving forward
How can I get over you when I still feel like you have something for me?

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